Rat spotted in Vancouver, Washington

Operating Engineers Local 701 parked its giant inflatable rat in front of the Vancouver, Washington, office of General Labor & Industrial Staffing Services (GLISS) on March 5. Union members were there to inform the public about GLISS paying subpar wages and benefits to workers and doing so without providing any apprenticeship opportunities. Holland Residential recently contracted with GLISS to provide workers on its new construction project at SW 6th and Washington in downtown Vancouver. According to the union, those workers earn less than half the established area standard wage. Temp agencies like GLISS often pocket 30 to 50% of the wages earned by the worker while providing fewer benefits and offering no employment protections, Local 701 said in a press release. GLISS responded to the rat’s arrival by calling the police and threatening legal action.

“Displays and public appeals like this one are protected by both the First Amendment and the National Labor Relations Act, according to several federal court cases and National Labor Relations Board decisions,” said Local 701 Business Manager Jimbo Anderson. “We’re exercising out First Amendment rights to raise awareness about family wage jobs and apprenticeship programs.”

Local 701, which represents heavy equipment and stationary operators in Oregon and Southwest Washington, has had an increased presence in the region recently, touring with a new outreach and education trailer and encouraging women and people of color to apply for union apprenticeship programs so that everyone can earn a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work.

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  1. Good looking out for the workers that don’t realize they’re worth more money or just plain being taken advantage of because they need a job Thank you local 701

    • Aren’t the ones making money off of the working people are the same as the John’s for hooker’s this is basically prostitution,stay United stay unionized to get better wadge and benefits

  2. Companies like this — should not be allowed to work in our area. A contract should be drawn up stating & agreeing to basic rights of workers. It is the city or county that is allowing this company to work within our city/county limits. Unfair basic practices are not helpful in supporting a strong local economy. Shame on the council for allowing this to happen.

  3. I am a Journeyman Glazier and I have been gouged by corruption like this ,I ended up with a back injury and no medical coverage after 90 days as per Employer to employees. I have worked on jobs that I was supposed to make union wages only to find out my employer illegally pocketing my prevailing wages. Shameless sons o bees.

  4. Working for the Local 49 roofers Union I was told that I was already getting prevailing wage. When in fact I wasn’t on prevailing wage jobs

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