The next generation of Cement Masons

New journeymen are Jose Avalos Guzman, Shane Clausen, Devan Dickson, Derek Engler, Cristian Ponce, Jared Hinsley, Lakota Lawson, Matt Parker, Sean Villareal, Valerie Carroll, Bliss Deckert, Matt Earley, James Grant, Jazmyn Howland, Sucrija Kurtovic, Lucas McKay, Chris Pillsbury, and Jeremy Williamson. Standing with them on the left are International Rep Brett Hinsley, Apprenticeship Instructor Jeremy Kendall, and Local 555 Business Manager Geoff Kossak.

Cement Masons Local 555 and Plasterers Local 82 recognized longtime members and Graduating apprentices at their annual holiday dinner Dec. 1, which drew a record crowd of 243. 

Local 555 also turned out its largest class of new journeymen in the history of the local.

Several Local 555 members were awarded pins for longstanding membership, including F.L. Cole, 50 years; John Blom and John Christianson, 40 years; D.J. Bauley, Robert Chavez, James Lang, Kenneth Meyer, Matt Bickford, David Kindt, Nicholas Lytle, and Hal Wooten, 30 years; and Robert Garner, Delbert Martin, and Mark Hambrook, 25 years. 

Plasterers Local 82 pin recipients were: Stan Stotts, 50 years; Anthony Jackson, 30 years; and Ronald Courtain, Dan Korynta, Mark Schlender, Richard G. Ward, Arlie Grunseth, George Mikkola, Richard J. Ward, and Steve Zuercher, 25 years.

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