Operating Engineers Local 701 sets up shop at Boring Brewfest

THIS CAT HAS CLAWS: Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Training Director Lonnie Land was at the Boring Brewfest to give members of the public a chance to operate heavy machinery.
At the inaugural Boring Brewfest fundraiser, Local 701 Field Rep Nate Stokes trains a possible future operator on the safe operation of a backhoe.

Operating Engineers Local 701 and its affiliated AGC training center set up shop Aug. 24-26 as a major sponsor of the inaugural Boring Brewfest fundraiser, bringing a mini-excavator and computerized tower crane simulator for members of the public to play on as they enjoyed local brews, food, and music. 

Apprenticeship Training Director Lonnie Land, instructor Dave Sanders, and field reps Nate Stokes and Terry Casey spent the weekend at the festival talking about apprenticeship opportunities and jobs as operating engineers. 

“We heard about an opportunity to help raise money for a good cause, and to promote our training program at the same time. It was a no brainer,” said Local 701 Business Manager Jim Anderson, who attended on Saturday.

The event was a fundraiser for the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund and the Boring Oregon Foundation. The Kyla McCullough Gift Fund is a nonprofit organization that assists local children living with cancer while bringing awareness to the community about how to help others dealing with cancer. It’s named in honor of Kyla, 7, who died of brain cancer in 2005. The Boring Oregon Foundation is a group of residents raising money to build a multi-generational community center in the area. Boring Brewing is located alongside Highway 26 east of Gresham.

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