Having a Blast! Hot August clay shoot raises funds for charity

Angela D’Esposito, an apprentice and member of Insulators Local 36, hits her target.
David Gettman (right) and Bill Vaughn, both members of Bakers Local 114, participated in the Hot August Nights clay shoot Aug. 26.

The fourth annual Hot August Nights clay shoot sponsored by Sunrise Dental was the largest ever, with 57 registered shooters. It also raised a record amount of money — $5,005 each for Labor’s Community Service Agency and Sunrise for Children, a program to help end child slavery.  The event was held Aug. 26 at  the Mid-Valley Clays & Shooting School in Gervais, Oregon.

First place went to the Machinists Lodge 63 team of Ken Kogle and his son, Zack, hitting 66 percent of their targets. Zack also was the top shooter, hitting 73 of 100 targets. Jaimie Garver, CEO of Portland Local 8 Federal Credit Union, was the top woman shooter, hitting 53 of 100 targets.

Top financial sponsors were Vancouver Energy Project, IBEW Local 48, the American Federation of Government Employees Local 2157, ILWU Local 8 Credit Union, Machinists Lodge 63, Keep Washington Competitive, Roofers Local 49, and Carpenters Local 146.

Jaimie Garver

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