Monthly Archives: June, 2017

Gary Will, 1938 – 2017

Will spent 31 years as a local and national representative of the Machinists Union.

Fair Work Week: Oregon will be the first state to curb schedule abuses

A new law will give retail, hospitality and food service workers predictable schedules — and extra pay when schedules change at the last minute.

Kaiser nurses issue warning: Short staffing could diminish patient care

Nurse union members, frustrated with slow progress on staffing committees, rally outside Kaiser's Northwest headquarters.

OSHA fines Ross Island Bridge paint contractor $189,000 for safety violations that led to near-fatal accident

After an accident that seriously injured two workers in a 37' fall, OSHA levies its biggest fine in more than five years, saying contractor Abhe & Svoboda knowingly put workers at risk.

Farmworkers at Sakuma ratify historic first union contract

Thanks to a four-year strike and boycott campaign, 200 farmworkers will get $15 an hour and job protections.

Labor may go to the Oregon ballot on tax reform and workers rights

Oregon’s biggest unions are laying the groundwork for initiatives on the 2018 ballot — in case this year's Democratic-led Oregon Legislature doesn’t deliver.

Protecting Oregon’s rural workers

Oregon's Legislature just passed a law that will prevent cities and counties from trying to pass anti-union "right-to-work" legislation.

The future of Glaziers Local 740

Work right now is plentiful, and journeymen earn $38.35 an hour, plus $16.82 an hour for fringe benefits.

West Coast roofers compete

Female apprentice Suzanne Young of Local 49 took first place in 7th annual West Coast Roofers Apprenticeship Competition.

Drawn-out bargaining at City of Portland

After this Sunday, either side could declare impasse.

City managers rejected union solution to reduce the time 911 callers spend waiting on hold

AFSCME Local 189 said a sizable pay raise would help recruit and retain more staff, but an arbitrator picked management's counterproposal.

Labor’s future in the age of Trump

Working people must learn from history if they want to rebuild the labor movement and take the country back.

Former Trump nominee Andy Puzder to speak at anti-union fundraiser in Portland

Puzder dropped out as nominee for labor secretary, and lost his job as CEO.

Unions react to the MAX killings

One of the murdered Good Samaritans was a union member at the City of Portland.

White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America

Ivy Leaguer says elites had better start treating the ‘White Working Class’ with respect.