Monthly Archives: May, 2017

Women in the Trades

Nationally, women have never accounted for more than 3 percent of building trades workers. We asked three women building trades workers to share their stories.


Oregon Tradeswomen Inc. names Kelly Kupcak to succeed Connie Ashbrook. Barbara Byrd retires from UO LERC.

IBEW Local 125 appeals for funds for man burned in an unprovoked attack at Denny’s

Burns are one of the biggest hazards for the outside linemen Local 125 represents.

City workers say their wages need to reflect the new high-rent Portland

Laborers Local 483 wants a livable wage of at least $15 an hour for City workers, and cost-of-living increases that reflect Portland's rising cost of housing.

Lois Stranahan, 1919-2017

Together with late husband Jesse Stranahan, she was well known in the local labor movement as a tireless fighter for economic justice.

Paint and Floor Coverer STARS!

Commitment to training sets these workers apart from their competition.

New three-year nurse contract at OHSU

If ratified as expected members of Oregon Nurses Association would see wages rise more than 9 percent.

Labor Council takes stand against soda tax initiative

The Labor Council is discouraging union members from signing the initiative petitions.

Northwest Oregon Labor Council banquet recognizes union supporters, raises cash for labor charity

The Labor Appreciation and Recognition Night banquet raised a record $21,000 for Labor’s Community Service Agency.

AT&T workers begin three-day strike

For workers in the company's wireless division, it's the first-ever walkout.

Mexican-made Nabisco boycott continues, and so does union standoff

Laid-off workers tour college campuses and protest at the annual shareholders meeting.

Need some electrical work done? Here’s $200 to help you get it done with a union professional

As part of a campaign to win back residential work, IBEW Local 48 is ready to contribute $200 toward your next home electrical project.

May primary election results for Northwest Oregon

Passage of two big bonds is good news for local building trades unions

‘Right to work’ coming to the public sector

A Supreme Court ruling that ‘fair share’ fees are unconstitutional is likely 6 to 13 months away.

The end of Obamacare?

The American Health Care Act, dubbed Trumpcare, would worsen Obamacare’s flaws.

Investing in transportation will benefit working people

To tackle potholes and congestion, Oregon Legislature needs to hear from union members about a proposed $8.2 billion transportation package.


Oregon Working Families Party state director Karly Edwards is leaving to work for the Oregon Nurses Association.

An end to overtime? U.S. House passes a bill letting employers offer ‘comp’ time instead of paying overtime

The bill would erode the 40-hour work week by making it cheaper for employers to require long hours.

GOP Congress to states: Stop helping workers save for retirement

Five states, including Oregon, are setting up low-fee retirement accounts for workers without any employer-sponsored plan.

Maureen Colvin wins top job at OPEIU Local 11

Local 11 represents workers at Northwest Natural, Clark County, City of Vancouver, and many union offices.

2017 Oregon AFSCME convention

The 25,000-member union has fights ahead over budgets and a looming anti-union court case.