Oregon AFL-CIO endorses the Burgerville Workers Union


BWU-logo-blackAt its June 17 meeting, the Oregon AFL-CIO Executive Board passed — by unanimous voice vote — a resolution endorsing the Burgerville Workers Union and pledging to support their struggle. Oregon AFL-CIO is the state’s premier labor federation, made up of local chapters from 39 international unions, which represent 130,000 Oregon workers altogether. Burgerville Workers Union, affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World, launched publicly on April 26 and is calling for a $5 an hour wage increase for workers at the 41-store regional fast food chain.

“Solidarity is a cornerstone of unionism,” the resolution declares. The resolution also encourages affiliate unions and their members to support the Burgerville Workers Union.

  • See the full resolution here.
  • Past coverage of the Burgerville Workers Union here.
  • “Like” the campaign on the union’s Facebook page to stay updated about the Burgerville union campaign.


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