Industrial Workers of the World

Union vote date set at Fried Egg I’m in Love

Workers at the local breakfast sandwich chain will vote whether to unionize as an affiliate of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

104 years later, Centralia IWW fight continues

Whether the American Legion or Industrial Workers of the World was to blame for a 1919 gun battle is still in dispute.

Discord in Concord: Erasing ‘The Rebel Girl’

New Hampshire is removing a historical marker honoring labor heroine Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. As erasure of labor's story, it fits a pattern.

Doormakers decide it’s time for a union

The Millworkers United organizing campaign at Pacific Architectural Wood Products was set in motion over after-work beers.

Union reaches agreement with Burgerville

Roughly 100 workers at 5 Portland-area Burgerville locations are about to be the first fast food workers in America to have a union contract.

Union sours on Scottie’s Pizza

COVID forced the union pizzeria to close. Now laid-off union workers fault owner Scottie Rivera for reopening with a skeleton crew.

Oregon’s logger union fighters come alive in a novelistic rejoinder to Ken Kesey’s scab heroes

The novel's heroes are a Finnish immigrant family in Astoria in the early 20th century, exploited as fishers and loggers, who become involved with the IWW.

Union-made pizza? In Portland, Wobblies serve a fair slice

At Scottie's Pizza in Southeast Portland, workers joined IWW. And Scottie was just fine with that.

Fast food workers announce union at Little Big Burger chain

A group of Little Big Burger employees — accompanied by over 100 picket-sign-wielding supporters — presented a letter to a Northwest Portland restaurant manager seeking union recognition.

Gladstone Burgerville becomes the second store to vote in union

The vote was 17 to 5 to unionize with the Burgerville Workers Union, which is affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Burgerville workers wage one-store Labor Day strike for holiday pay

It's the latest action by the Burgerville Workers Union, which has been campaigning for affordable health benefits and a $5 an hour raise.

Burgerville pays $10,000 to settle wage and hour violations

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found that the company willfully failed to give workers meal and rest breaks as required by law.

Burgerville union campaign marks one year

Several union supporters have been fired by the company since the campaign launched.

Burgerville suspends union activist for eating a bagel

A vocal leader of the campaign to unionize the Burgerville fast food chain has been suspended without pay since Jan. 6 — ostensibly for...

Fast food union empties out Burgerville – on game night

On the night of the Portland Trail Blazers season opening game, a lively protest targeted a Burgerville three blocks from Moda Center.

Oregon AFL-CIO endorses the Burgerville Workers Union

"Solidarity is a cornerstone of unionism," the resolution declares.

Burgerville CEO says he’ll meet with union – singly

The union campaign picks up support from local students and the central labor council.

Burgerville opposes union, but Bernie Sanders supports it

Sanders: “Burgerville Workers Union is a perfect example of the type of political revolution that we need.”

Burgers, fries, and a union?

The Burgerville Workers Union is calling for a $5 an hour raise for all hourly employees.

Return of the Loyal Legion?

A SE Portland beer hall takes its name from an early 20th century union-busting group