Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Obama’s top labor enforcer: Oregon is a leader on leave, and Bonamici is a star

The labor secretary says Obama would like to do many things, but Republicans won’t let him

Anti-union group targets Oregon public sector unions

Billionaire-funded group tells home care workers to save money by quitting their union

AWPPW begins strike at Kapstone mill in Longview

On day four, a striker is hit by a replacement worker driving through the picket line

‘Team Labor’ answers the call

Union volunteers repair two homes of low-income Oregonians.

Victory for SeaTac airport workers

State high court throws out lawsuit against Seatac's $15 minimum wage

NLRB: No more hiding behind temp agencies to avoid unions

Companies have increasingly hired outside staffing agencies in recent decades.

New UO LERC instructor: Sarah Laslett

Laslett most recently directed the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center.

AFL-CIO targets Democratic Fast Track supporters in the House

Late August mailing went to union members in 28 Congressional districts.

Portland airport contractor ABM fires union activist

ABM is refusing to recognize IAM, and the firing could be part of a deliberate legal strategy