Monthly Archives: September, 2015

A union for massage therapists?

AFL-CIO’s Working America is helping LMTs campaign to raise their industry’s standards.

Oregon Working Families Party: Minor party strives to be a major player in Oregon

Pro-labor candidates seek the party’s endorsement, and foes can face re-election challenges.

Teamster Lehrbach and AFGE’s Schroeder to vie for Multnomah County Board seat

They will face Chamber of Commerce activist Lori Stegmann.

Old Glory rises at IBEW Local 48 union hall

The flag once flew over the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

IBEW Local 125 Pickets Pacific power headquarters

The company wants to shift more of its health care costs onto workers.

Cold hard cash for Labor’s Community Service Agency

The money goes to the Helping Hands temporary hardship assistance program.

Scholarships for kids of workers injured or killed on the job

The top scholarship recipient received $14,000 this year.

Hey, Postmaster General! No more cuts in postal service!

Since 2007, USPS has closed 153 processing plants and eliminated 155,000 jobs.

At the ‘Big 3’ grocers, bargaining begins with UFCW

Despite a new Oregon law, sick leave may still be an object of contention in the contract talks

Marcus Mariota’s Heisman Trophy stand at UO is union made

Sheet Metal Local 16 members at Specialty Metal Fab made the elaborate trophy stand at UO.

Furor over Mexican Oreos, but no union boycott

Stop eating Oreo cookies? Not so fast, says the Bakers Union.

How to tell if your Oreo Is union-made

An inkstamp on each package tells you where it was made — if you know what to look for.

Ironworker strike now in Month 8

Strikers are hoping for vindication from the National Labor Relations Board.

A Labor Movement Call to Address Climate Change

Joe Uehlein talks about the prospects for a closer labor-enviro alliance

IBEW Local 125 authorizes strike at Pacific Power

Local 125 members are tired of making concessions to profitable PacifiCorp.

Locked-out workers seek support in ATI struggle

ATI’s nationwide lockout of 2,200 steel workers is entering its sixth week.

Unions are key to reducing income inequality in Oregon

The report examines how unions raise wages for all workers — and reduce inequality.

Classified workers at Oregon public universities get contract

Members will get two 2.25% raises, and universities backed off takeaways.

A pope for the common people

Francis, more than other recent popes, has kept a focus on economic morality.

Pope’s message not shared by right-wing

Pope Francis’s message of hope and justice stands in contrast to rhetoric of hate and greed.

Longview mill workers end strike without a contract

AWPPW Local 153 makes an unconditional offer to return to work at Kapstone paper mill and box plant after a nine-day strike

Union coalition reaches agreements at Clark County

Wages for 700 workers will rise 5.9 percent over three years.