Union Organizing

University of Oregon faculty unionize

The group of 1,900 will be jointly members of AFT and AAUP.

Portland pub goes union

Workers at The Guild Public House have become members of CWA Local 7901.

Pro-union, pro-choice: Workers unionize at Planned Parenthood

Workers at Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette voted 97 to 43 SEIU Local 49.

SEIU Local 503 adds 7,700 new home care members

Over 7,000 state-paid personal service providers joined SEIU Local 503 June 2, making it the state’s largest union.

Airport screeners vote to unionize

In one of the biggest union wins in recent times, 43,000 security officers at 450 airports will be union-represented.

Dosha salon employees vote to join CWA 7901

Dosha Salon became the first local business of its kind to unionize March 30.

The new face of labor? Dosha Salon votes whether to unionize

Dosha Salon and Spa could become the first salon in Portland to go union in recent times.

SEIU 49 scores Oregon’s biggest private-sector win in decades

Support and maintenance workers at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend voted 267 to 261 to unionize.

Delta remains non-union as fourth group votes to reject unionization

Delta Air Lines customer service workers voted Dec. 7 not to join the Machinists. It was the fourth major union defeat at Delta since heavily unionized Northwest Airlines merged into largely nonunion Delta. Altogether, unions stood to gain 34,000 new members, but instead lost 17,000 existing members.

Machinists Union loses Delta elections; complaint filed

In a pair of votes in November, the Machinists lost a campaign to represent 13,800 Delta Air Lines workers. The votes follow on the heels of a Nov. 3 loss by Association of Flight Attendants among 20,000 Delta flight attendants.

Free Geek employees vote to join Portland CWA Local 7901

A group of 19 workers at local non-profit Free Geek have unionized with Communications Workers of America. Free Geek prides itself on an unusual form of collective management by democratic consensus. But as the group grew, a sub-caste developed — of lower-paid employees who weren’t in the collective.

Delta flight attendants say ‘no’ to union

In votes counted Nov. 3, Delta Air Lines flight attendants chose not to be represented by Association of Flight Attendants. It was Delta flight attendants’ third unionization vote in a decade.

32,000 Delta/Northwest airline workers vote on unionization

About 32,000 flight attendants, ramp workers, ticket agents and other workers at Delta airlines workers will decide over the next several months whether or not to be union-represented — under new rules that eliminate a major obstacle to winning union representation.

NLRB rules BrucePac firings broke federal labor law

BrucePac broke labor law when it fired workers for supporting a union campaign, says a federal judge.

BrucePac faces NLRB charges in mass firing of pro-union workers

Cooked meat producer BrucePac fired at least 17 union supporters just weeks into a union campaign.