SEIU Local 503

Workers could strike Oregon universities Sept. 30

The strike would involve about 5,000 SEIU Local 503 members at seven public universities.

SEIU deal with Oregon includes 10-15% raises

The new two-year union contract covers 24,000 state employees.

Oregon lawmakers vote to cut public employee retirement contributions

Democrats led the charge to divert up to 2.5 percent of public worker pay to shore up PERS.

The untold story of a big union win

Before Oregon home care workers unionized in 2001, they earned $8.14 an hour and had no benefits, not even workers’ comp for injuries on the job. A new documentary tells their story.

Melissa Unger wins election at SEIU 503

The state's largest union saw active competition for most of its top officer positions.

Oregon public employee unions drop corporate tax transparency initiative to focus on defensive ballot fights

To unite business and labor against a pair of anti-tax measures, governor Kate Brown brokers a stand-down on a union-backed initiative.

New top leader at SEIU Local 503

Melissa Unger, sworn in March 10, comes to the job with decades of political experience.

Meet the “anti-union” organizers

Freedom Foundation is showing up at workplaces and knocking on doors in Washington and Oregon to try to talk workers out of paying union dues.

SEIU Local 503 executive director to step down

Brian Rudiger will remain until a successor is appointed.

State worker unions reach tentative agreement on ‘lean budget’ raises

Oregon AFSCME's new two-year contract covers 3,000 employees at 14 state agencies.

Labor may go to the Oregon ballot on tax reform and workers rights

Oregon’s biggest unions are laying the groundwork for initiatives on the 2018 ballot — in case this year's Democratic-led Oregon Legislature doesn’t deliver.

Portland Public Schools could face layoffs for 2017-18 school year

A loss in state education funding could spell layoffs next year for more than a hundred union members who work at Portland Public Schools.


Oregon governor populates boards with labor figures; D Pei Wu departs Portland JwJ

Measure 97 backers take their campaign to the Oregon Legislature

The union-backed coalition wants corporate tax transparency — and for big corporations to pay their fair share.

Local labor movement personnel changes

Heather Conroy, Alma Raya, Stacy Chamberlain, Jaime Sorenson, Joe Esmonde

Union coalition gets ready for Round Two

Fair Shot will push a minimum wage and tougher laws on wage theft and racial profiling in 2016.

Classified workers at Oregon public universities get contract

Members will get two 2.25% raises, and universities backed off takeaways.

Anti-union group targets Oregon public sector unions

Billionaire-funded group tells home care workers to save money by quitting their union

SEIU 503 political director Arthur Towers departs after decades of service to labor

Towers helped empower home care workers, raise corporate taxes, and save public services from cuts.

Supreme Court decision in Harris v Quinn creates “right-to-work” situation for home care workers

Noel Canning, a separate decision, will create bureaucratic headache for the NLRB.