SEIU Local 503 executive director to step down

SEIU Local 503 executive director Brian Rudiger

Oregon’s largest union is looking for a new executive director. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503 announced Nov. 20 that current executive director Brian Rudiger will be stepping down and not seeking a second term, citing an inability to balance the demands of the role with his family needs.

Local 503 represents about 57,000 workers at state and local governments, universities, and nursing homes.

Rudiger was elected in September 2016, succeeding Heather Conroy, who became executive vice president of SEIU’s international. He will continue as executive director until the Local 503 Executive Board finds a replacement to serve out the remainder of his term, at which point he plans to continue with Local 503 in a different role.

Local 503 will next elect officers, including executive director, in September 2018.

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