Plumbers and Fitters Local 290

UA Local 290 election challenged

The rep assigned to investigate hopes to conclude within a month, at which point the results would be upheld or a new election ordered.

A Hillsboro tech firm sold for $100 million. Its workers think they should get a raise.

Not a dime of investors' fat payday was shared with the pipefitters who make the products the company sells.

Tradeswomen build nations

It was the largest gathering of its kind. At Women Build Nations, 3,900 attendees paraded down the streets of the nation’s capital.

For Portland-area plumbers and fitters, no more night school

A switch to daytime classes is leading to dramatic gains at the Plumbers and Fitters Local 290 training center in Tualatin.

Recruiting out in the community

R&B. Barbecue. And a chance at a family wage. The Community Pulse Series is meant to recruit people of color to the trades.

A new generation takes the helm at UA 290

Business Manager Lou Christian retired effective May 31, and was succeeded by the assistant business manager, Joe Neely on June 1.

RECIPE FOR HEALTH: Cook your own food

A Portland-based chef educator leads a cooking class for Local 290’s retirees wellness program. She says healthy eating starts with tastiness.

Time to ban a slow-moving killer

The daughter of a union plumber wants to end the occupational disease that claimed her father.

Plumbers & Fitters Local 290 apprentices test their skills at annual contest

About 100 apprentices competed, and the top finishers in each discipline will take part in the Western Regional Apprentice Contest this June in Idaho.

Local 290 members say it’s time to talk about diversity

A new committee wants to figure out what it will take to get more women and minorities to join  — and remain — in United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 290.

Presents From Partners’ Toy Challenge: The results are in!

IBEW Local 48 led the pack among unions donating to the this year's toy drive.

UO’s new $1 billion Knight Science Campus will be built under a PLA

Oregon State Building Trades signed a project labor agreement with UO and Hoffman Construction on the project, which will be built in four phases over 10 years and employ up to 1,300 construction workers.

Metal trades council elects new officers

Jason Joeckel of Laborers Local 737 is the new secretary-treasurer of the Metal Trades Council, which represents workers at the Portland Shipyards.

Plumbers & Fitters Local 290 members elect Lou Christian as business manager

It was his third race against Al Shropshire.

Vigor shipyard workers vote to extend contract to Sept. 1

The extension will give the sides more time to address problems with multi-employer pension plans.

Lead crisis in schools: Could underfunding of maintenance be the culprit?

Decades of cuts have made insufficient maintenance the new normal.

Southern Oregon University pays $2.5 million wage settlement to workers who built new campus dorms

The settlement wasn’t about cheating workers, but about how the university handled bidding.

Plumbers to politicians: Which side are you on?

Local 290 won't endorse any politician who votes for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Plumbers and Fitters Local 290 re-elects Al Shropshire

Local 290 represents 4,100 workers in construction, industrial, and shipyards.

Plumbers & Fitters Local 290 host Tigard-Tualatin Industrial Arts Class

Tigard students weld, braze, solder, do mechanical drawings, and see how math applies to a trade