PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

OFNHP reaches agreements with PeaceHealth

More than 1,300 health care workers struck Oct. 23-27 at PeaceHealth Southwest in Vancouver and St. John Medical Center in Longview.

No labor peace at PeaceHealth

Leading up to a strike by SW Washington hospital techs, management offered bonus pay to get workers to scab against their own coworkers.

Workers set to strike Oct. 23 at PeaceHealth

A strike is likely and will include lab techs, service, and maintenance workers at PeaceHealth hospitals in Vancouver and Longview.

PeaceHealth workers vote to authorize strike

OFNHP and PeaceHealth are far apart on wages for lab techs and maintenance workers at hospitals in Vancouver and Longview.

Picketing at Peacehealth SW hospital

Health techs are demanding living wages in the next union contract with Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals.

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center workers vote to join AFT

The vote is 319 for AFT, 110 for SEIU.

At PeaceHealth Southwest, 900 workers will choose between AFT and SEIU

The Dec. 14-15 vote is a runoff after no choice got a majority in a Nov. 22 election among service and maintenance workers.

Big union win at PeaceHealth Vancouver hospital

It was an emotional scene at the vote count, as 310 hospital technicians voted nearly 3-to-1 in favor of unionizing, with 93 percent casting ballots.

Workers to vote on union at PeaceHealth Vancouver hospital

The 310 licensed technical workers will decide June 1-2 between AFT, SEIU, or no union at all.