National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 82

Unionists protest plans for postal hub that would increase driving by letter carriers

Instead of sorting mail in the post office closest to their routes, letter carriers will drive to a massive sorting facility in Hillsboro.

USPS may stop processing mail in Eugene and Medford

If the proposed changes are approved, items mailed in Medford or Eugene would be first trucked to Portland, then trucked back.

Look for the union Rose Festival entries

Unions are once again taking part in Portland's annual Rose Festival parades. Here’s a list of who to look for.

Unions: Vote by mail now more than ever

The push for national vote-by-mail is timelier than ever in the midst of a pandemic, but postal union leaders say it won’t matter much if the U.S. Postal Service isn’t around.

Postal workers try to stay safe as USPS reels from dropoff in mail

USPS could run out of money by June, but Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell left it out of the just-passed stimulus bill.

Vancouver Letter Carriers host bowling fundraiser for MDA

The Halloween-themed event raised money from pledges and a silent auction.

‘Right to work’ coming to the public sector

A Supreme Court ruling that ‘fair share’ fees are unconstitutional is likely 6 to 13 months away.

Union members score big with bowling fundraiser for MDA

Eighty-five bowlers representing 21 union-sponsored teams raised $8,536.52 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association April 9.

Song of the Stubborn One Thousand

A new book tells the story of a remarkable union victory in a California frozen food strike during an era of union-busting.

On USPS birthday, Portlanders deliver a message

A bill in Congress would end door-to-door delivery nationwide

Union members help raise money for MDA

105 bowlers on 26 union-sponsored teams raised $10,582 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Letter Carriers Branch 82 celebrates 125 years of union

Branch 82 maintains photos and detailed historical records dating back to its formation in 1890.

$15 ballot measure passes 15,000 signatures

Organizers say they’re aiming to have 30,000 by the time Legislature meets in February.

Union love at the Starlight Parade

It’s not every day people cheer when they see you coming.

Postal service tries to ditch door delivery in Portland

USPS managers are soliciting property owners to convert from at-the-door to “cluster box” delivery

Union letter carriers, electricians will march in Starlight Parade

The event draws more than 250,000 spectators to downtown Portland

Union bowlers raise cash for muscular dystrophy

Since the event's inception in 1989, union members have donated $351,000 to MDA

Holiday postal customers greeted with ‘No closures, no cuts’ message

Postal elves plastered Portland's main post office with protest signs Nov. 30.

Letter carrier announces hunger strike

Jamie Partridge and seven others will fast four days in DC to protest postal cuts.

Portland area postal workers rally to save jobs, Saturday delivery

Proposals in Congress would end Saturday delivery and overnight delivery of First-Class mail.