Multnomah County

Library reduces number of planned layoffs

After weeks of organized public outcry and behind-the-scenes union lobbying, Multnomah County Library averted most layoffs announced in July.

Preschool for All heads to Multnomah County ballot

Two campaigns for free preschool have merged so that Multnomah County voters can decide on a single measure this November.

Budget’s fine, but library layoffs loom

Multnomah County Library is about to lay off one sixth of its workforce, even though its budget is under no threat.

AFSCME Local 88 ratifies 1-year contract extension with Multnomah County

The contract covers 3,200 County workers and the extension provides for a 2.9% cost of living adjustment effective July 1.

Beating the odds, free public preschool ballot initiative turns in signatures

Aimed at the November 2020 ballot, it would provide free preschool to all 3- and 4-year-olds in Multnomah County, and living wages for preschool teachers.

Public-owned broadband study nears completion

Multnomah County is running the numbers to see if fiber to the home is feasible.

Universal preschool drive seeks signatures

Signature gathering will begin soon on a union-backed ballot initiative to offer free preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds in Multnomah County.

Union volunteers help enforce laws against construction wage theft on Multnomah County projects

Volunteers are helping County officials police construction work sites to make sure contractors are obeying labor laws.

Multnomah County approves wage theft pilot

Starting July 1, union reps can volunteer to help enforce prevailing wage and wage and hour laws on County construction projects.

Multnomah County takes on wage theft

The county could soon draft union reps to help with enforcement.

County’s new health headquarters is union-made

Most of the work on the $94.1 million project was done union, and all parties worked to ensure women and minorities got opportunities on the project.

UFCW calls out Multnomah County for purge of citizens committee

A lawsuit says the Multnomah County Board broke the law when it fired and replaced all the citizen volunteers on an advisory committee.

Multnomah County may require non-profit contractors to stay union-neutral

A “union-neutrality” ordinance could be one of several reforms aimed at improving Multnomah County social services. Currently, low pay and heavy caseloads at nonprofit contractors are producing high turnover and lower quality services.

AFSCME on-call workers to Multnomah County: ‘no thanks’

Multnomah County is proposing to recognize 100 on-call workers as part of the union, while leaving 200 out.

A picket line of union dentists

A group of 28 dentists at Multnomah County clinics joined Oregon AFSCME last Spring, but they’ve had a hard time reaching agreement on a first contract.

Topping-out ceremony at new Multnomah County courthouse

The steel framework on the new courthouse is near completion.

Multnomah County is opposing a union effort by on-call and temp workers

Just because managers might categorize workers as "temp" or "on-call" doesn't make that accurate.

Municipal broadband now before Portland City Council

Multnomah County and four other cities are waiting for Portland City Council to authorize its share of funding for a study of what it would cost to install fiber-optic cable door to door.

Private monopolies failed to deliver fiber. Now it’s time for municipal broadband.

Coming soon to Portland City Council is a union-backed plan for public-owned Internet access that would be cheaper than Comcast and 40 times as fast.

AFSCME Local 88 makes endorsements in Multnomah County races

Two first-time candidates got the local’s endorsement: Susheela Jayapal for Multnomah County District 2 and Jennifer McGuirk for Multnomah County Auditor.