Multnomah County

Decision point for Multnomah County

At a moment of crisis, two competitive races will decide the direction of Multnomah County, Oregon’s most populous. 

Under-market workers get pay bump at Multnomah County

About 300 union workers at Multnomah County will get raises this month to bring their salaries in line with other public sector employees.8

Multnomah County and AFSCME sign union contract for dentists

The contract covering 20 Multnomah County dentists sets the total number of patients they see in a 10-hour shift to 21.

Multnomah County dentists authorize strike

Dentists say seeing more patients per day will lower the quality of care they offer to Medicaid enrollees and uninsured or homeless patients.

The job: Put an end to homelessness

Katie DeSantis was homeless for 20 years. Then she secured stable housing, earned a degree, and began working for homeless service agencies.

Multnomah County: You’ll get your pay … later

The county says workers won’t get retroactive raises—ratified in November with back pay stretching back to July—until February.

Nurse union asks district attorney to prosecute Providence for wage theft

Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt says he’s ready to prosecute employers who commit wage theft. Oregon Nurses Association has one in mind.

AFSCME Local 88 members ratify Multnomah County contract

The vote came after about seven months of bargaining and a handful of rallies AFSCME staged outside county facilities.

Tentative agreement at Multnomah County

If approved, the contract would bring a 5% cost-of-living adjustment retroactive to July 1, along with a $2,500 immediate bonus.

Multnomah County may be near deal on contract

AFSCME Local 88 and Multnomah County are closer to agreement on a new three-year contract covering more than 3,000 county employees. 

Wage thieves will soon face criminal prosecution in Multnomah County

District Attorney Mike Schmidt is teaming up with Val Hoyle’s labor bureau to go after employers who steal from workers.

In bargaining, Multnomah county workers prioritize workplace safety

AFSCME Local 88 is focused on worker safety, wages and equity in its first full contract negotiation with Multnomah County in five years.

Labor backs JVP, Meieran for Multnomah County Chair

In the race for the top Multnomah County elected seat, all eyes are on the most visible crisis facing the county: homelessness.

Pandemic pay for County workers 

About 2,000 frontline employees at Multnomah County are getting a $1,500 check to recognize those who worked during the pandemic.

Multnomah County union has new top officer

Josyln Baker ran unopposed after incumbent Percy Winters Jr. opted not to seek a third term. AFSCME Local 88 represents 3,400 workers.

Multnomah County votes for labor harmony 

At non-profit county contractors, union-busting is about to get a little harder.

Homeless nonprofit. Union-buster.

The publicly funded homeless nonprofit Central City Concern just beat back a union campaign. Multnomah County Commissioners are concerned.

Is municipal broadband feasible in Multnomah County? Maybe

A county-wide, publicly financed fiber-to-the-premises network would cost $966 million, and residents support the idea by more than 2-1.

At a model library, cuts and turmoil

Multnomah County Library workers are mourning last month's cut of 128 positions as a major blow to one of the nation's top library systems.

New Multnomah County Courthouse: Built by union labor

The four-year, $324.5 million project both set and met goals for the participation of women and minority workers and contractors.