Fund for the Public Interest

Fired pro-union PIRG fundraiser takes settlement after devastating crash

David Neal held out during a lengthy legal battle, but in the end agreed to waive reinstatement

CWA gets bare-bones contract with Fund for the Public Interest

Rules at the PIRG fundraiser will be slightly less draconian under the first-ever union agreement.

Judge rules PIRG call center fired worker for union activism

The Fund for the Public Interest is ordered to reinstate David Neal with back pay

Strike at PIRG call center marks two-year union drive

Two years after voting to unionize, no contract, but no surrender either.

PIRG fundraising group on trial for labor violations

Fund for the Public Interest managers tell a judge that firing David Neal was business as usual.

PIRG fundraiser broke federal labor law, NLRB says

Union supporter was fired illegally.

Save the turtles, but never mind the TOPsters

Why PIRG call center workers wanted to unionize

PIRG call center pulls the chairs out from under workers

A PIRG call center tosses ergonomic chairs and gives union workers stackable metal chairs to sit on

PIRG fundraisers strike

Fund for the Public Interest negotiators walk out of union bargaining when a reporter shows up.

PIRG fundraiser fires entire bargaining team

A manager also threatens to close Portland call center as workers walk out in protest

PIRG fundraising group fires all but one member of union bargaining team

Draconian policies at the Portland call center lead to sky-high turnover

OSPIRG call center fires a third union activist

Phone canvassers strike an hour to protest the third firing of a member of their bargaining team.

OSPIRG fundraiser fires pro-union workers

Workers at Fund for the Public Interest’s Portland call center voted in October to unionize.