AFL-CIO supports bid by Microsoft for Activision

Affiliate CWA opposed the merger but changed its stance in June 2022 after Microsoft signed a union neutrality pledge.

Mobile monopoly?

Communications Workers of America is denouncing last month’s decision by the Trump Justice Department to allow a takeover by T-Mobile of its rival Sprint, which would leave Americans just three wireless providers to choose from.

KOIN-TV accused of “union-busting”

Off-camera workers are having a hard time getting a contract from the new owner

Strikes were up in 2011, but still extremely rare

The Verizon and NFL strikes were the year's biggest.

We are the 99 percent: Unions get behind the Occupy movement

Unions line up in support of Occupy Wall Street as the movement explodes.

CWA Local 7901 signs first contract with Free Geek

Twenty-two workers at Free Geek, a local computer recycler, ratified their first union contract July 19.

Labor law violations pile up at Dosha Salon

In June and July, CWA files four more charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

Portland bus brigade travels to rallies at 8 worksites

With 8+ union contracts expiring June 30, activists thought, “Why not get all the unions together?”

Apollo Alliance merges into BlueGreen

Two labor-environmental coalitions have merged as of July 1. The Apollo Alliance, launched in 2003 as a coalition of environmental, labor, business and community leaders, is now a project of the BlueGreen Alliance.

AFL-CIO’s Union Summer returns to Portland

Portland has been selected one of eight cities to host Union Summer, a 10-week national AFL-CIO internship program for college students.