Labor law violations pile up at Dosha Salon

At Dosha Salon Spa, the NLRB continues to investigate charges of labor law violations filed in April and May by Communications Workers of America Local 7901. Workers there voted March 30 to join Local 7901.

In June and July, CWA filed four more. Union President Madelyn Elder details the latest charges:

  • Hair stylist Kelanie York received verbal and written warnings for talking about the union in the break room and posting union notices on the bulletin board.
  • Nail tech Jennifer Nguyen, a bargaining team member, was surrounded by four managers and told maybe she should quit.
  • Dosha’s negotiator maintained that the union doesn’t represent Dosha’s Clackamas location, despite the fact that Dosha insisted those workers be included in the union election.
  • And the company implemented July 1 — without bargaining over it — a new health plan that increased the annual deductible from $2,000 to $5,000.


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