Burgerville Workers Union

Burgerville workers wage one-store Labor Day strike for holiday pay

It's the latest action by the Burgerville Workers Union, which has been campaigning for affordable health benefits and a $5 an hour raise.

Burgerville union campaign marks one year

Several union supporters have been fired by the company since the campaign launched.

Burgerville suspends union activist for eating a bagel

A vocal leader of the campaign to unionize the Burgerville fast food chain has been suspended without pay since Jan. 6 — ostensibly for...

Fast food union empties out Burgerville – on game night

On the night of the Portland Trail Blazers season opening game, a lively protest targeted a Burgerville three blocks from Moda Center.

Oregon AFL-CIO endorses the Burgerville Workers Union

"Solidarity is a cornerstone of unionism," the resolution declares.

Burgerville CEO says he’ll meet with union – singly

The union campaign picks up support from local students and the central labor council.

Burgerville opposes union, but Bernie Sanders supports it

Sanders: “Burgerville Workers Union is a perfect example of the type of political revolution that we need.”

Burgers, fries, and a union?

The Burgerville Workers Union is calling for a $5 an hour raise for all hourly employees.