Boilermakers Local 104

Dirty drinking water? Portland shipyard workers say no thanks

Complaints started coming in that at some of the stations, the water was coming out discolored with debris. 

Shipyard workers in an uproar over paint damage to cars

An improperly contained cruise ship paint job resulted in paint particles floating almost a half-mile to the employee parking lot.

Vigor shipyard workers vote to authorize strike

Tired of being disrespected, shipyard workers are demanding a family-friendly work week.

Metal trades council elects new officers

Jason Joeckel of Laborers Local 737 is the new secretary-treasurer of the Metal Trades Council, which represents workers at the Portland Shipyards.

Shipyard workers reject Vigor contract offer

More than 1,000 employees in Portland and Puget Sound have been working under the terms of an extended master collective bargaining agreement that expired Sept. 1, 2017.

Vigor shipyard workers vote to extend contract to Sept. 1

The extension will give the sides more time to address problems with multi-employer pension plans.

Swan Island shipyard workers reject contract offers

The unions also win an unfair labor practice charge at Vigor Shipyard

Vigor christens new drydock at Portland’s Swan Island shipyard

The 960-foot Chinese-built vessel is the largest floating drydock in North America