AFSCME Local 88

Under-market workers get pay bump at Multnomah County

About 300 union workers at Multnomah County will get raises this month to bring their salaries in line with other public sector employees.8

Multnomah County and AFSCME sign union contract for dentists

The contract covering 20 Multnomah County dentists sets the total number of patients they see in a 10-hour shift to 21.

Multnomah County dentists authorize strike

Dentists say seeing more patients per day will lower the quality of care they offer to Medicaid enrollees and uninsured or homeless patients.

Dentists at county clinics picket over workload

Dentists at the county clinics treat some of the area’s poorest residents: Medicaid enrollees, uninsured, and homeless.

Union: How to turn a job into a career 

Workers who help homeless addicts can be one mishap away from homelessness themselves. Their union gives hope it can be a longterm calling.

The job: Put an end to homelessness

Katie DeSantis was homeless for 20 years. Then she secured stable housing, earned a degree, and began working for homeless service agencies.

At work, finding homes for the homeless

Formerly homeless herself, AFSCME Local 88 member Salma Azizza today works to get unsheltered people into housing and get the help they need.

Multnomah County: You’ll get your pay … later

The county says workers won’t get retroactive raises—ratified in November with back pay stretching back to July—until February.

AFSCME Local 88 members ratify Multnomah County contract

The vote came after about seven months of bargaining and a handful of rallies AFSCME staged outside county facilities.

Tentative agreement at Multnomah County

If approved, the contract would bring a 5% cost-of-living adjustment retroactive to July 1, along with a $2,500 immediate bonus.

AFSCME members ratify new deal with Transition Projects

The contract covers case managers, residential advocates and other workers helping people transition from homelessness into housing.

AFSCME says Meieran threatened retaliation after non-endorsement

A Multnomah County Commissioner took it very badly when county workers union AFSCME Local 88 backed her opponent.

Workers ratify contract at Central City Concern

Central City Concern workers will get raises totaling 14.5% over the coming year and another 3% in 2024 under the new contract.

Multnomah County may be near deal on contract

AFSCME Local 88 and Multnomah County are closer to agreement on a new three-year contract covering more than 3,000 county employees. 

Central City Concern workers push for better wages

AFSCME Local 88’s previous three-year contract with Central City Concern expired June 30. Wages are a sticking point in bargaining.

County ballot measure would provide lawyers to tenants facing eviction

Tenants rights advocates are petitioning for a Multnomah County initiative to provide free legal representation for tenants facing eviction.

Cure for Clackamas County ballot box blunders: Vote out the county clerk

Well before the latest fiasco, AFSCME member Catherine McMullen had concerns about Clackamas County elections.

AFSCME sends solidarity funds from Oregon to Amazon Union

A local AFSCME affiliate and its Oregon statewide council are contributing $10,000 to support the independent Amazon Labor Union.

In bargaining, Multnomah county workers prioritize workplace safety

AFSCME Local 88 is focused on worker safety, wages and equity in its first full contract negotiation with Multnomah County in five years.

Unions backing Jessica Vega Pederson for Multnomah County Chair

Delegates to the Northwest Oregon Labor Council voted to endorse Jessica Vega Pederson for Multnomah County Chair at their Feb. 28 meeting.