Lawmakers look to boost NLRB funding

With labor activity on the rise this year, 40 U.S. senators say the National Labor Relations Board needs more funding to keep up.

Homecoming for Liz Shuler

In 1993 U of O grad Liz Shuler went to work at Portland-based IBEW Local 125, her father’s local. Today she’s America’s top union leader.

Warrior Met Coal strike passes 1-year mark

About 1,100 Alabama miners are putting their livelihoods on the line for dignity and justice in a fight with America's biggest hedge funds.

Union prayers answered: U.S. Postal Service is saved

It was Congress that put the U.S. Postal Service at risk with a retiree medical pre-funding mandate. Now Congress has stepped in to save it.

Labor lauds Biden pick for Supreme Court

Past decisions suggest Ketanji Brown Jackson—who'd replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer—will side with unions and working people.

Val Hoyle vies to carry on DeFazio’s labor legacy

Union leaders winced when they learned a labor champion was leaving Congress. Now a candidate with strong labor ties looks to succeed him.

Several unions now favor McLeod-Skinner in challenge to Kurt Schrader

Since 2020, redistricting has made Oregon's 5th Congressional District more favorable terrain for progressives.

U.S. House passes postal reform in a lopsided bipartisan vote

HR 3076 would end the $5 billion yearly prepayment of future retirees’ health care costs, a requirement which causes nearly all USPS losses.

The most pro-union president of your lifetime

Joe Biden isn’t getting a lot of love these days. But so far the record is clear: Labor has never had such a friend in the White House.

Amazon ordered to notify workers of union rights

It’s one of the most far-reaching settlements to date after Amazon was found guilty of trampling workers’ rights to unionize.

Kellogg’s threatens to permanently replace strikers

Kellogg’s, one of America’s most recognizable brands, is courting a lasting public backlash in its response to a strike now in its third month.

Massive infrastructure and jobs bill becomes law

The new law spends $1.2 trillion over five years to upgrade bridges, highways, rail, transit, ports, airports, water systems, and more.

Biden cabinet members walk the picket line

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh visited Kellogg's strikers, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack came out to a John Deere picket line.

Nationwide strike at Kellogg’s

No contract? No Corn Flakes. About 1,400 Kellogg’s workers in Mich., Neb. Penn., and Tenn. struck Oct. 5 after months of mandatory overtime

A massive strikewave? 

#Striketober? Over 100,000 workers are on the verge of striking, and the mood is very resolute. They’re not kidding around.

U.S. Senate confirms three union attorneys to NLRB

The Senate confirmation votes, mostly along party lines, will give the NLRB a worker-friendly majority once again.

U.S. government launches pension rescue 

In the Portland area, Plasterers Local 82 and OPEIU Local 11 could undo pension benefit cuts almost immediately.

Biden’s new trade enforcers

The Biden Administration continues to name union figures to top government positions. The latest two appointments will oversee trade policy.

White House task force will promote union organizing

Officially federal labor law is supposed to encourage collective bargaining, but Biden says the government "has not used its full authority.”

Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan

President Biden is asking Congress for $2 trillion in federal investment in infrastructure, research, training and home care over a decade.