Oregon labor leaders to Congress: End the war

A group of 13 Oregon labor leaders urge the state's congressional delegation to the costly war in Afghanistan.

Airport screeners vote to unionize

In one of the biggest union wins in recent times, 43,000 security officers at 450 airports will be union-represented.

Pacific Northwest ‘We Are One’ rallies draw thousands

Attacks on public employee collective bargaining drew protests in more than 1,000 cities April 2-8.

GOP mounting attacks on unions nationwide

Statehouse Republicans are pushing bills to eliminate collective bargaining rights, end the prevailing wage and project labor agreements, and get rid of seniority protections.

Wisconsin governor’s union-busting ignites national backlash

The uprising began Feb. 11 when Republican Scott Walker proposed a law to strip public employees of collective bargaining rights.

Postal workers, customers testify before Workers’ Rights Board

A Workers’ Rights Board panel recommended the U.S. Postal Service hire more letter carriers and clerks.

Spirit of Madison at Oregon rallies

At a pair of rallies Feb. 25 and 26 in Portland and Salem, Oregonians showed solidarity with Midwest public workers.

We are all Wisconsin: Nationwide fightback on the rise

A new crop of Republican governors has declared war on unions, provoking the biggest showdown since Reagan fired air traffic controllers in 1981.

Voters in four states ban union ‘card-check’

Voters in four Republican-dominated states passed measures Nov. 2 to ban the “card check” method of unionizing. But the measures may be struck down in the courts, because they encroach on rights protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

Jobs Well Done: What Obama could do for workers without Congress

Change to Win and Demos teamed up to consider how government can raise workplace standards.