Northwest Workers Justice Project recognizes union


Northwest Workers Justice Project (NWJP) on Jan. 25 voluntarily recognized International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 5 as the bargaining representative for 11 workers at the nonprofit, including staff attorneys, paralegals, and program administrators.

NWJP is a legal nonprofit that trains workers about their rights, advocates for pro-worker policies, and provides legal aid to workers. Last year, NWJP backed the bill that increased Oregon OSHA’s penalties for workplace safety violations.

Members of the union organizing team told the Labor Press they were not surprised to receive voluntary recognition, given the nonprofit’s history and mission. It re-affirms that their director supports workers rights and sees unionizing as a way to strengthen the organization, they wrote in an email to the Labor Press.

“We think it sets a good example for other nonprofits to see an employer react with congratulations and support rather than a fight. (Combative reactions and union busting have happened more often than you would think at nonprofits in Portland and beyond.)”

Local 5, however, has a track record of receiving voluntary recognition at small nonprofits, including Community Cycling Center, Neighborhood Partnerships, and Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice.     


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