Oregon home care workers get raise of $1.73 an hour Jan. 1


Oregon home care workers represented by SEIU Local 503 have ratified a new two-year collective bargaining agreement, the union announced Nov. 22. The agreement raises wages $1.73 an hour Jan. 1, 2024, and another $0.50 an hour Jan. 1, 2025. The current base wage is $17.77 an hour, with a $3 an hour premium for those caring for patients who are quadriplegic or dependent on ventilators and require 24-hour care.

The agreement also adds longevity pay increases of $1 an hour for each additional 2,000 hours of work. And it increases the number of hours caregivers are allowed to work, to up to 60 hours per week (20 hours of overtime).

The agreement was reached in September and ratified over a six-week period.   

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  1. Some of us are really having problems connecting with consumers, thanks to DHS… Carina really needs to be dressed n made easier to use n understand
    I’ve just now gotten an interview after over a yr.

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