Unions launch 2023 toy drive


Labor’s Community Service Agency (LCSA), a union-backed charity that helps union members and their families when they’re in need, has launched its 2023 toy drive competition, and this year it’s expanding the number of contestants.

In the toy drive, groups collect donated toys that will be given away before Christmas as part of LCSA’s annual Presents for Partners event. This December, Presents for Partners expects to support 300 families and 750 kids.

Until now, the friendly competition has been between about a dozen construction union training programs, but this year 21 unions or union training centers are competing. The organization that collects the most 32- to 45-gallon garbage bags full of toys will get a union-made trophy to keep and display for the year, as well as recognition in the Northwest Labor Press and on social media.

Last year’s first place winner was the Ironworkers, with second place going to NECA-IBEW and third place to Operating Engineers Local 701. As always, the big winners are parents and kids who have gifts delivered to their doorsteps by union volunteers.

WHAT Donations of unwrapped toys, games, and other gifts for all ages. Because of the delivery logistics challenges, the toy drive can no longer accept bikes, but scooters and skateboards (and helmets and protective gear) are welcome.

WHEN Now until Nov. 30

WHERE Gifts can be dropped off with any of the following organizations:

  • AFSCME Local 328
  • Bakers Local 114
  • Boilermakers Local 104
  • Bricklayers Local 1
  • Cement Masons Local 555
  • IBEW Local 48 and NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center
  • ILWU Local 8
  • Ironworkers Local 29 and Pacific NW Ironworkers Apprenticeship
  • Laborers’ Local 483
  • Laborers Local 737
  • Machinists District Lodge W24
  • Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
  • Oregon Education Association
  • OPEIU Local 11
  • Operating Engineers Local 701
  • Painters Local 10, Glaziers Local 740, and Painters District Council 5
  • Sheet Metal Local 16 and training center
  • Teamsters Local 162
  • Teamsters Local 206
  • UA Local 290 and its training center
  • WEA-Riverside       


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