Local 29 ironworker will work for Washington building trades


Minna Long

Ironworkers Local 29 journeyman Minna Long started a new job Aug. 28 with the Washington State Building Trades Council. Long will help with the council’s press relations, especially as it relates to apprenticeships and political advocacy.

Long, 36, started her building trades career with the Trades Related Apprenticeship Coaching program at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor. After she was released in 2018, she joined Local 29 as an apprentice.

Not long after, she started sharing her story to advocate for apprenticeship programs. She has testified before the Oregon Legislature to support bills for prevailing wage and apprenticeship utilization standards on public projects. She’s also lobbied to increase diversity goals on public projects and to make it easier for formerly incarcerated adults to enter careers in the union building trades.

Long was the first woman to compete for Local 29 in the Ironworkers National Outstanding Apprenticeship Competition. Outside of work, Long enjoys adventures with her 12-year-old twin sons.


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