Miners end 23-month strike at Warrior Met Coal


United Mine Workers of America announced an end to a strike at four Alabama coal mines owned by Warrior Met, returning to work without a new contract. Members were set to go back March 2 under the terms of their old contract.

Roughly 1,100 union members walked off the job April 1, 2021, charging Warrior Met with bad faith bargaining: After rebounding from bankrupcty to profitability, it refused to restore concessions they’d previously made. About 800 remained on strike the entire time.

Warrior Met says 41 won’t be allowed to return because of strike misconduct.

In a Feb. 16 press statement, UMWA President Cecil E. Roberts said the company has been paying temporary replacement workers up to $2,000 more per month than it offered to pay members at the bargaining table. “If it is going to pay that kind of money, we believe it should be going to Alabama miners and their families, not those coming from out of state,” Roberts said. 


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