Sound & Comm electricians get $3.43 raise


IBEW Local 48 and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) have a new contract covering more than 750 workers in the Sound & Communications unit.

The one-year contract provides a $3.43 per hour raise, as well as contribution increases to retirement plans, for a total $4 per hour increase to the compensation package effective Jan. 1. With the raise, the hourly wage is $47.66, and an additional $20.70 an hour goes into fringe benefits. 

The contract provides a 10% contribution increase for foreman retirement plans, and a 20% increase for general foreman pension plans. It also adds a penalty of $100 per day if the employer pays workers late.

Sound & Communications electricians work on low-voltage applications like fiber optic cables, phone and computer hook-ups, fire alarm and nurse call systems, and electric sliding doors. 

Workers voted to ratify the contract in November. It runs through Dec. 31, 2023.

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