3 billionaires own more than bottom half of Oregonians


A November report by the nonprofit Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP) found that Oregon’s three billionaires together have about twice the wealth of the entire bottom half of Oregonians combined. 

In fact, one billionaire alone, Nike founder Phil Knight, owns more wealth than the bottom half. OCPP found that Oregon’s three wealthiest individuals together hold about $53 billion in wealth, while the bottom half of all Oregonians — about 950,000 tax filers — together own about $27 billion. Oregon’s two other billionaires are Travis Boersma, co-founder and CEO of Dutch Bros., and Tim Boyle, Chair and CEO of Columbia Sportswear. 

Wealth refers to the sum of all the assets a person owns, minus all of their debts. It can take many forms, including real estate, stocks and other financial instruments, and ownership of businesses.

Read the full OCPP report here: https://www.ocpp.org/2022/11/03/wealth-inequality-oregon-extreme/.


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