Workers at Portland pet and garden store go union

Workers at Fang! Pet & Garden Supply and Salty’s Pet Supply celebrate their July 19 union victory. PHOTO COURTESY ILWU LOCAL 5


Workers at Fang! Pet & Garden Supply and Salty’s Pet Supply in Portland voted 13-0 to unionize with ILWU Local 5, in ballots counted July 19.

The new bargaining unit includes 17 total employees and covers three locations: two Fang! stores at 3131 N Lombard St. and 5132 NE Sandy Blvd., and Salty’s at 4039 N Mississippi Ave., all in Portland. The workers launched their union drive in June, explaining they were tired of managerial turnover and wanted a say in how the stores are run. ILWU Local 5 came to a stipulated election agreement with store owner Nancy Fedelem and the election took place just six weeks after workers launched the campaign.

In a statement after the vote count, Fedelem congratulated the workers on their decision.

“I’ve always supported our team members’ right to unionize and look forward to sitting down at the negotiation table and working in good faith towards an agreement,” Fedelem wrote. 

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