UPS hires union buster . . . at unit of five employees


Teamsters Local 670 is seeking to organize five more workers at an already unionized UPS facility in Hermiston, Oregon. That’s such a small group, yet the parcel delivery giant still flew in a Florida-based union buster to try to talk them out of unionizing.

On May 5, Local 670 asked the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold a vote to see if the five  dispatchers want to join the existing Teamsters bargaining unit there.

In response, UPS hired anti-union law firm Ogletree Deakins and signed a contract with Government Resources Consultants of America, run by David Rittof, to persuade workers against unionizing.

The consultant firm in turn outsourced the work to Jon Burress of Florida-based union buster “Eternity Souls,” to conduct “employee and supervisory group meetings” related to the union drive. That’s according to a form the federal government requires employers to disclose when they hire consultants to persuade workers during a union campaign.

Ballots will be counted Aug. 31.


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