Washington State Labor Council releases state lawmaker ratings 

When it comes to the voting records of Washington state legislators, Southwest Washington has some of the most pro-worker—and anti-worker—in the state, at least as tallied by the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. WSLC coordinates political and legislative action at the state level for more than 600 affiliated local unions representing approximately 500,000 rank-and-file union members, and every year, it issues a report tracking how lawmakers voted on issues that matter to working people. WSLC’s 2021 report scored lawmakers for their votes on 19 bills.


  • Sen. Annette Cleveland (D) 100%
  • Rep. Sharon Wylie (D) 100%
  • Rep. Monica Stonier (D) 100%


  • Sen. Lynda Wilson (R) 11%
  • Rep. Vicki Kraft (R) 5%
  • Rep. Harris Paul (R) 32%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 18 (Camas, Ridgefield)

  • Sen. Ann Rivers (R) 16%
  • Rep. Brandon P. Vick (R) 11%
  • Rep. Larry Hoff (R) 16%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 20 (Woodland, Centralia)

  • Sen. John Braun (R) 21%
  • Rep. Peter Abbarno (R) 32%
  • Rep. Ed T. Orcutt (R) 16%

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 19 (Longview to Aberdeen)

  • Sen. Jeff Wilson (R) 32%
  • Rep. Jim Walsh (R) 16%
  • Rep. Joel McEntire (R) 6%

SEE THE FULL REPORT: Details and explanations here.

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