IBEW’s Marcy Grail to chair Energy Facility Siting Council


Marcy Grail, assistant business manager of IBEW Local 125, has been appointed chair of the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council for the 2021 calendar year. Grail has served on the council since 2016.

Marcy Grail

The seven-member Energy Facility Siting Council, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Oregon Senate, has regulatory and siting responsibility for large electric generating facilities, high voltage transmission lines, gas pipelines, and radioactive waste disposal sites. Oversight of energy facilities helps ensure that Oregon has an adequate energy supply while protecting the environment and public safety.

Oregon Department of Energy employees serve as staff members for the council.

Grail, 47, was first appointed to the council in September 2016 by Gov. Kate Brown. She was re-appointed in July 2018. Her term expires in June 2022.

Grail is a native of West Virginia. She holds a degree in communications from North Carolina State University and a master of arts in organization management from the University of Phoenix.

Grail went to work for Local 125 as an organizer in 2006. Shortly after that she was hired as a business representative. In 2013 she was appointed assistant business manager. Grail lives in Rainier, Oregon.

Energy Facility Siting Council meetings are open to the public. More information here.



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