Lebanon veterans home faces decertification campaign

A group of over 200 workers at the Oregon Veterans Home in Lebanon, Oregon, will vote on whether to remain unionized. Mail ballots go out Aug. 13 and are due back Aug. 27 Sept. 10.

It was just last year—May 20, 2019— that workers there voted 75 to 63 to join United Steel Workers of America (USW).

USW District 12 subdistrict director Ron Rodgers says as the union and management neared agreement on a first contract, anti-union workers roamed the halls with decertification petitions, while union supporters were told not to talk about the union at work.

USW has for years represented a veterans nursing home run by the same non-profit in The Dalles, Oregon.

The Lebanon location was the site of one of the first COVID outbreaks in Oregon; 38 residents and workers were infected, and 8 residents died.

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  1. I’m an employee at the Veteran’s Home in Lebanon and I’ve never received any information on what the union is attempting to negotiate for us, what union dues would be, etc., despite asking numerous people about it. How am I supposed to know how to vote when I have 0 information?

    • If the VA was union i would work there for sure this is who u contact. United Steal workers Union IN ALBANY … A union gives u rights power better pay on and on …. How u gies get it !!

    • The meetings are every other Thursday and every other Monday. They are located at the Gazebo by the library. Next one will be monday 8 / 10.

    • I 100% agree with you Laura. There is suppose to be a fb page, which I don’t get notifications for. Sometimes I get an email. And rarely do I hear anything about the union stuff from our elected union reps. I heard that they can only post unio. Info in the break room and off campus. The break room stuff apparently gets removed often, not to mention, very few if any of NOC ever use the breakroom. So, I hear you lady. Lack of communication on such a big decision will be hard to make an INFORMED decision on. Sucks

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