City of Portland asks unions for pay freeze


With the pandemic response causing the loss of tens of millions of dollars in revenue from business licenses, lodging taxes, parking fees, gas taxes, and Parks Bureau fees, the City of Portland is looking to cut payroll costs.

On April 14, the City notified non-union workers and managers that they’ll have to take 10 days of unpaid furlough and give up all scheduled raises this year.

The City is asking unions to agree to the same in bargaining with the six-union District Council of Trade Unions (DCTU) over a new contract that would start July 1.

The City’s contract with Laborers Local 483 mandates raises through July 2021, but the City is also asking Local 483 to give up this year’s raises to prevent layoffs.

Nothing has been agreed to yet, and union negotiators are asking the City for more detail about the budget hit.


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