Monthly Archives: December, 2019

NW Oregon Labor Council re-elects slate of officers

All ran unopposed for new four-year terms. Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle will officiate at a ceremonial swearing-in at the labor council’s Jan. 27 meeting.

Oregon Tradeswomen is moving to Gresham

On Jan. 10, the group will move into a newly renovated 8,300-square-foot space, part of the 5.5-acre Rockwood Rising development.

Shipping returns to Portland’s Terminal 6

South Korea-based container carrier SM Lines will get a state subsidy to ship to Portland. A longshore union slowdown has been blamed for shippers pulling out, but other factors increasingly make container shipping to Portland a challenge.

In 1900s Portland , child labor was real … and awful

Child labor is the theme of the eighth in a series of closely-researched historical detective fiction novels set in the Portland of the early 20th century, written by retired union attorney Susan Stoner.

At a Eugene environmental group, workers move to unionize

Our Children’s Trust is best known for Juliana v. United States, a lawsuit in which 21 young Americans are suing the federal government for not taking enough action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.