Workers at Fred Meyer and Safeway take strike votes


Thousands of workers in the Portland metro area are taking part in a series of strike authorization votes at Fred Meyer, QFC, Safeway and Albertsons. The votes are taking place department by department, and started with meat department workers May 20-23, followed by grocery workers June 10-12 and Fred Meyer central checkout cashiers June 18-20. Fred Meyer workers in non-food departments like apparel will vote June 25-27. The results won’t be publicly announced until all groups have voted.

Bargaining between Local 555 and the multi-employer coalition passed the one-year mark June 19, and Aug. 5 will mark one year since the most recent set of contracts between the union and grocery employers expired. The two sides remain far apart on wages, health insurance and other proposals.


  1. Retail pay, benefits, and scheduling have been going in the wrong direction for some time.Market share has contributed as long time union stores were closed and new stores opened non union.
    The unions blind support of the democratic party has not payed off. It is run by corporatists who threw working people to the curb years ago. Will union leaders again back the corporate dem or will they back the candidate who has a long history of supporting working people’s issues. It’s time for real change and the DNC power brokers aren’t offering it.


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