Monthly Archives: February, 2019

Labor professor Gordon Lafer runs for school board

Lafer, a professor at UO’s Labor Education and Research Center, will campaign for Eugene School Board.

On the job with IATSE Local 28

Almost no one knows what they do, but entertainment riggers are the workers that make the spectacle of show business possible.

Hospital support workers unionize – by one vote – at Providence Portland

In a real-life demonstration that every vote counts, support staff at Providence Portland hospital have won a union by a single vote — after an on-again, off-again campaign that goes back 20 years.

Chuck Moffitt, 1952-2019

Moffitt was an accountant at the City of Portland and a union officer in AFSCME Local 189 and Oregon AFSCME.

Clark College faculty press for pay parity with K-12 teachers

Union leaders say faculty haven't had more than cost-of-living raises in decades.

Heart to heart with U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

Oregon millworkers son Jeff Merkley is one of labor’s most reliable champions in the Senate. I visited his office to talk labor policy — and whether he’s running for president. We also talked about immigration, climate change, trade, Medicare for All, and taxing the rich and much more. 

A union-busting billionaire mulls a run for president

A Seattle-area unionist has bitter memories of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Nurses ratify contract at St. Charles in Bend

Nine hundred nurses at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend have a new contract that will raise wages 11.5 percent over the next four-and-a-half years.

On the Job with Plasterers Local 82

You might think plasterers would mostly be working in plaster, but today, fireproofing makes up half of Plasterers Local 82’s work.

Sexual harassment is a union issue too

When I first became involved in the union movement, the mantra was to focus on wages, hours, and working conditions, while staying away from everything else.

Trump appointee wants to ban Scabby the Rat

Standing 25 feet tall, with scary red eyes and yellow fangs, Scabby the Rat is a union hero and an eye-catching sign of a labor dispute.

A flag to fly to support construction worker safety

A thin green line flag could be displayed to remember workers hurt on the job.

PAUL KIMBERLING: 1944 – 2019

Kimberling was instrumental in the merger of Oregon plumbers and pipefitters locals more than three decades ago.

Are we bringing the strike back?

Back from rock bottom, strikes exploded in number last year.