Monthly Archives: June, 2018

Western States OPEIU Pension moves to cut benefits

Without a 30% pension cut, the fund will be insolvent in 18 years.

Faculty unionize at OSU and OIT

Oregon’s labor movement just grew by 2,500 new members.

Unionization is sweeping the media

A wave of worker organizing is taking place in print and online media in search of greater job security.

Janus is upon us, ready or not

More than ever, public sector unions will need to engage members to take on the work of the union, and focus on bargaining for the common good.

A union is still the best option for workers

The future of our movement is not dependent on the whim of the president or a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Incumbent Drew Lindsey outpolls Tim Frew to head IBEW Local 280

Electrical work is booming in Local 280’s jurisdiction, and the local hit a membership record of 1,300 in May.

UPS Teamsters authorize strike

About 280,000 workers could walk out as soon as Aug. 1.

Machinists win toehold at Boeing South Carolina plant

South Carolina is the least-unionized state in the nation, with just 2.6 percent of workers in a union, and its governor wants to keep it that way.

GOP lawmakers in Michigan repeal state prevailing wage

The 50-year-old law prevented contractors from driving down wages to win bids on public construction projects.

Trump moves to slash federal workers’ union rights

New executive orders speed the firing of federal workers, slash the use of paid union time to defend them, and mandate the renegotiation of union contracts.