Monthly Archives: February, 2018

Senate bill would end union rights for Indian casino workers

Oregon Democrat Kurt Schrader joined Greg Walden and 215 other Republicans in voting for it.

Burgerville continues to fire pro-union workers

Otherwise exemplary pro-union workers are being fired for what appear like trivial pretexts.

No more ‘buddies’: Nurses hail new Tuality contract

Nurses will get breaks without leaving patients unattended.

How union members could take charge of Democratic and Republican parties

Precinct Committee People play big roles behind the scenes, yet hardly anyone wants to be one.

A view from the driver seat

A TriMet bus driver writing under the pseudonym "Deke N. Blue" has been blogging about life behind the wheel since 2012. Now he's published a book.

U.S. Supreme Court hears the Janus case

Janus v AFSCME, about public sector union fees, is the biggest union case in a generation.

Vigor shipyard workers vote to authorize strike

Tired of being disrespected, shipyard workers are demanding a family-friendly work week.

Trump’s amazing infrastructure ‘bait-and-switch’

“Trillion” was just a marketing slogan. Now Trump wants to sell Bonneville Power assets.

Right-to-work nation? Getting ready for Janus v AFSCME

In less than two weeks time, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the most significant labor law case in decades.

The lessons of 1968 still matter today

Dr. King’s vision of unifying economic and racial justice cannot be forgotten.

Building Trades backs Nick Fish, Loretta Smith for City Council

The council also made candidate endorsements for three counties and Metro.

OE 701 cries foul at Boeing use of “rat” contractor at Gresham plant

Integrity Machinery Moving is accused of underbidding union contractors while employing nonunion workers and paying them below area-standard wages and benefits. 

UO’s new $1 billion Knight Science Campus will be built under a PLA

Oregon State Building Trades signed a project labor agreement with UO and Hoffman Construction on the project, which will be built in four phases over 10 years and employ up to 1,300 construction workers.

America’s trade deficit soars in Trump’s first year

The goods deficit with China hit a new record in 2017.

Breakthrough in new teacher contract at Portland Public Schools: class size limits

The long-delayed agreement also raises pay 8 percent and adds an extra day to the school year.

Inslee rejects Vancouver oil terminal

The proposed union-built facility would have been the largest oil terminal in North America.

Major escalation: Burgerville Workers Union now calling on consumers to boycott the company

The company has refused to meet with their union, and has now fired as many as six union supporters.