Norman Malbin’s work lives on


John Bishop gives a tribute to Oregon Labor Law Conference founder Norman Malbin, pictured right

The annual Oregon Labor Law Conference opened Jan. 26 with a tribute to its founder, longtime IBEW Local 48 staff attorney Norman Malbin.

Malbin died in October at the age of 68, but the conference he began 22 years ago continues — under the leadership of labor lawyer John Bishop and his law partner Noah Barish.

The day-long conference, hosted at the IBEW Local 48 hall, trains union stewards and staff on the law so they can defend the rights of union members. Nearly 300 people took part this year.

To honor Malbin, Bishop announced the creation of a fund that will contribute each year to a labor cause. It began this year with a $5,000 donation to Labor’s Community Service Agency (LCSA).

“He had a strong belief in solidarity and kindness to others,” said LCSA Executive Director Eryn Byram.

LCSA helps union members and their families in need, whether it’s replacing an apprentice’s stolen tools, helping laid-off workers access benefits, or paying a security deposit for a union family that’s been living in a car.


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