LERC instructor Helen Moss retires

Helen Moss
Helen Moss

Longtime labor educator Helen Moss, 58, is retiring at the end of June.

Moss has been with University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) since 1999 — mostly training union stewards and officers in the nuts and bolts of contract negotiations and grievance handling, but also contributing to research about workplace safety.

Prior to LERC, Moss spent two decades working for labor unions as a union rep, business manager, and organizer, starting in 1978 at the United Farm Workers in La Paz, California. She worked for the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Local 86 in Reno; for SEIU at Local 706 (Texas ), Local 790 (San Francisco), and Local 503 (Oregon); and finally at Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals.

Moss says she hopes to continue to engage with the union movement in retirement.

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