Reality Check

Labor professor Gordon Lafer can be relied on to tell it straight. Was there something different about the strike upsurge of 2023? We asked.

UO LERC now fully staffed

The addition of Rebekah Whittaker and Janet Bauer means LERC can expand its reach of research and trainings.

Shouldn’t electric cars mean good jobs?

Gordon Lafer says the federal government should put workers’ rights conditions on the coming billions in subsidy.

For a lifelong labor educator, the end of the ninth inning arrives

Bob Bussel did security for Cesar Chavez. He had lunch with the real Norma Rae. And he spent 27 years training generations of labor leaders.

Want diversity in construction? Hire union

Local union apprenticeship programs have had much more success than non-union getting Black, Hispanic, and women workers into construction.


Sherman Henry and Lina Stepick leave LERC, ONA's director departs, and Mayor Wheeler reappoints Willy Myers to Prosper Portland.

Burton David White, 1930-2021

After a decade and a half at Oregon and California nurses unions, he spent most of his career mediating and arbitrating labor disagreements.

Study says employers are skirting landmark law aimed at curbing abusive scheduling practices

The only statewide law of its kind, SB 828 was meant to make workers’ schedules more predictable, but a UO study shows it's falling short.

Steven Deutsch, 1937-2020

Deutsch was one of the founders of the University of Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center.

Barbara Byrd wraps up 41-year career in labor movement

After 41 years as a labor educator and 14 years at the Oregon AFL-CIO, Barbara Byrd is retiring for real.

LERC faces drastic budget cut

The union training and research center is slated for a 45 percent cut.

In Oregon, having a union at work means an extra $4,701 a year, and better benefits

A new report from the University of Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center finds that Oregon workers covered by a union contract earn 11 percent more than non-union workers.

The untold story of a big union win

Before Oregon home care workers unionized in 2001, they earned $8.14 an hour and had no benefits, not even workers’ comp for injuries on the job. A new documentary tells their story.

New faculty at LERC

Long-time Labor Notes leader Mark Brenner will focus on teaching, while UCLA sociologist Lina Stepick will serve labor as a researcher.

University of Oregon LERC celebrates 40 years of support for labor

The $1 million a year university extension program helps unions with training and research.


Oregon Tradeswomen Inc. names Kelly Kupcak to succeed Connie Ashbrook. Barbara Byrd retires from UO LERC.

Class War in the Capital City

In his new book, Gordon Lafer argues there's a top-down class war under way, in which business groups are using state legislatures to remake America.

South Florida labor leader named newest faculty member at University of Oregon LERC

Sherman Henry is the longtime leader of an AFSCME local at the nation's fourth-largest school system.

LERC instructor Helen Moss retires

Moss has been with University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center since 1999.

Steelworker honored for lifetime of service

Wayne Anderson once headed the Oregon Democratic Party.