Union drive begins at DirecTV


Beginning the first week of March, organizers for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) began contacting workers in Washington who install and repair satellite TV dishes for DirecTVDirecTV. They’ll launch a similar effort in Oregon in the coming weeks. Last year, nonunion DirecTV was acquired by AT&T, a heavily unionized company which has neutrality agreements with IBEW and Communications Workers of America (CWA). Under the agreements, AT&T doesn’t oppose union campaigns, and grants union recognition if a majority of workers in a unit sign cards within 60 days of the beginning of a union campaign.

IBEW represents other satellite TV workers in the Pacific Northwest, including subcontractors for DirecTV’s competitor Dish Network. If IBEW signs up a majority of the roughly 400 Oregon and Washington DirecTV workers, they would begin bargaining a first contract and would eventually become members of IBEW Local 89, a telecommunications local headquartered just north of Everett, Washington.


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