Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Supreme Court tie means reprieve for unions

Union win in Friedrichs case depended on Justice Scalia’s death.

Steelworker honored for lifetime of service

Wayne Anderson once headed the Oregon Democratic Party.

Latest TriMet provocation: ‘Paid union orientations are illegal’

Clever TriMet lawyers interpret a new public sector union neutrality law in an unforeseen way.

What’s next for TPP? A stealth vote?

To promote TPP, Nike sponsors a visit to Portland by U.S. ambassadors to Brunei and Malaysia.

Farmworker unions spread word about boycott of Driscoll’s

Unions in Washington and Baja Mexico make common cause

Historic gains in 2016 Legislative session

Top issue was minimum wage, but Oregon lawmakers made progress on other fronts as well.

Return of the Loyal Legion?

A SE Portland beer hall takes its name from an early 20th century union-busting group

Portland-area ADT workers stay nonunion

Possibly spooked by an East Coast lockout, they vote 14-10 not to join IBEW 48

BCTGM boycotts Made-in-Mexico Nabisco products

Consumers are asked to “Check the Label”

Pension funds put union members to work in Lake Oswego

It’s a $103 million re-do of the Wizer Block, once home to unionized Wizer’s Oswego Foods.

Oregon union members running for office

Eight Oregon Labor Candidate School grads are first-time candidates this year

Labor fights back against Freedom Foundation

Sorry, Freedom Foundation: Unionbusting isn't a legitimate tax-deductible purpose


Two state senate Dems with long ties to labor will leave office when their terms expire this year

FERC denies application for Jordan Cove LNG facility

The project – to be built under a project labor agreement – was backed by the Building Trades.

New submarine-hunting drone is union built in Oregon

The drone sub is made by members of Iron Workers Shopmen’s Local 516 and IBEW Local 48.

KGW-TV on trial for labor violation

KGW wants an end to union jurisdiction, but won't show why it needs that

Union drive begins at DirecTV

Up to 400 technicians in Oregon and Washington could join IBEW

RAISE THE WAGE STATEMENT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Raise the Wage Coalition Ends Ballot Campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 29, 2016  Contact: Courtney Graham (503) 330-8422 [email protected]   Raise the Wage Coalition Ends Ballot Campaign Coalition will no longer collect signatures on Initiative Petitions 57, 58, or...

15 NOW STATEMENT: For Immediate Release: $15 Campaign Ends Signature Gathering

For Immediate Release Monday, March 7, 2016 Contact: Jamie Partridge, Chief Petitioner 503-752-5112 Justin Norton-Kertson, Campaign Manager 503-724-3642 $15 Ballot Initiative Ends Signature Gathering: Statement by 15 Now It’s no secret that...

The Labor Press — in 1916

This year we're reproducing the front pages of 1916 editions.

Minimum wage statements

Oregon minimum wage ballot measures withdrawn The Feb. 29 announcement that Raise the Wage is suspending its ballot measure campaign is here. The March 7 announcement that...

Congresswoman Bonamici still undecided on TPP

Bonamici told the NW Oregon Labor Council Feb. 22 she’s still reviewing the 2,000-page document.