Monthly Archives: May, 2015

CEO pay continues to explode

The average S&P 500 CEO made 373 times as much as the average American worker in 2014.

BCTGM International taps Bakers Local 114 rep Shad Clark

Darren Hamann will replace Clark at Local 114

AFT 111 converts coworkers to members

More than 130 “fair share” employees have become full union members so far this year.

Facing Gannett, KGW unions pass a test of unity

Defying a company negotiator, the unions attend each other’s contract negotiating sessions

Most labor-backed candidates win office in Oregon special election

Of the 4 unionists on the May 19 ballot who went to Oregon Labor Candidates School, 3 won office

Ed Whelan, 1926-2015

The former Oregon AFL president was a Korean War vet, fire fighter, legislator, and PGE executive.

Crew of nonunion ironworkers goes on unfair labor practice strike at Instafab

Workers decided to take a stand after years of feeling ignored and disrespected.

Mayor Hales ‘blindsides’ labor after pulling support on $500 million propane gas terminal

The propane terminal drew loud opposition from the environmental community.

Oregon labor’s legislative agenda still in the air

With six weeks left in 2015 session, Oregon Legislature enters the season of deal-cutting.

New apprenticeship coordinator at Roofers Local 49

Joel Gonzalez succeeds Clint Mapes as apprenticeship director at the Roofers Training Center.

Ban the Box nearly ready for council vote

Ordinance would give the formerly incarcerated a better chance at finding work after release.

Grand Central Baking union effort falls flat

To date, the company has not hired any of the laid-off workers to new positions.

Unitarian union leads to fund drive

Negotiations on a first union contract have been under way since February.

New officers at OPEIU Local 11

Local 11 represents workers at Northwest Natural, Clark County, and the City of Vancouver.

Appeals court: Central Point School District broke the law when it outsourced bus service

Consultant just “assumed” contractor would pay the same wages as the district.

La Center, Wash. school board passes right-to-work resolution

Under state law, the school board can’t change union rules, so the action was symbolic.

Congress, listen up: Most of your constituents oppose fast track

It's time to call a halt after two decades of jobs being America’s largest export.


In Portland, Obama collects cash from the 1%, and touts a trade deal written by the Fortune 500.

Arbitrator orders Portland Parks & Rec to halt use of non-union casuals

The union win resolves a decade-long fight for better conditions at Portland Parks & Rec

Oregon Supreme Court strikes down PERS cuts

A contract is a contract, the court says in a unanimous decision.